Dopest ”below the radar” music compilation I’ve heard all year… IMHO. Guys/gals, listen to these tracks and let me know what you think.  Also, show the producer(s) and artists some REAL love… then, “share it forward” via social media.  You’ll be happy you did. Works as compelling as this need our support, particularly when the project is an independent one.

Natassja Jade, thank you for discovering and sharing this music with me!

Reggae music may have originated in Jamaica, but it has has since traveled the globe and found homes in many other places among many other cultures. Rebel Souljahz & Maui are the real deal. Big up and keep the music coming!!

I’m a huge fan of this young artist.  He hails from Meridian, Mississippi, and towers above his peers, literally, figuratively - not to mention, artistically. K.R.I.T.’s critically acclaimed mixtape K.R..I.T. Wuz Here, was released in 2010 (and it’s still on my playlist).

I’d say it’s high time for another release.  Check out this new single “Reign On”!